Friday, October 24, 2008

Nodding Off in Afghanistan

Oh, it's so scary to be alive these days. Deedle dee dee, deedle dee dum...

I love The title of the site is misleading. It's not an anti war board, really, it's a reference board to articles written about foreign places so you, too, can get a glimpse of the facts. They are usually stories that you probably wouldn't be aware of if you didn't have to search for legitimate news. It has some lefty articles, and Pat Buchanan, of all people, is a contributing editor. Don't let that scare you, though.

Anyway, one of the headliner articles I saw there today made me squeal. I referred to the subject in my last post. Ready? FINALLY, the approach to Afghanistan is being changed. Bush and Co. are pretending that it's all their idea, but Obama was the one spreading the truth around. FINALLY, they have decided to address the fact that Afghanistan provides 90% of the world's heroin. Gee, ya think? Huh. Maybe it would help matters out if you included that fact in your game plan, ya morons!? Granted, the poppy farmers will go berserk, the heroin trade will go berserk, hundreds of thousands of junkies all over the world will go berserk. But it's nice to know that someone is at least thinking about it. No heroin, no money. No money, no guns. BRILLIANT!

Can you imagine that this has been going on for years? That's where the heroin comes from, along with several other areas of the East Asian world. The U.S. is at war with the Afghanistan people (the Taliban) - or at least that's who we're blowing up - yet we allow them to go about their business making 90% of the world's heroin? Isn't there also a "war" on drugs, ya half-baked hypocrits? Does this remind anyone of any other patterns we've seen in recent history? Crack, maybe? All I know is that people are profitting somewhere.


Oh! Remember the Muslim McCain party security dude from a couple of posts ago? The one who told the nutso McCain fans to pipe down with the bigotry and was then mysteriously kidnapped by the McCain Team? CNN's house idiot Rick Sanchez has just announced that this story really developred legs amongst the jounalist crowd. Who is he? What's with the big hush-up? Well, Rick was told the Muslim McCain Security guy is going to call him! But then the McCain people stepped in and forbade it again. WHAT GIVES WITH THIS WEIRDNESS? I guess Muslims for McCain don't like the First Amendment.

Pundit XYZ tries to explain that the McCain team doesn't want any "muslim" talk right now and thus won't let him. Never does Rick the "brain" Sanchez ever ask how the McCain team can physically prevent a citizen from talking to someone else. Am I crazy? WTF, friends and readers?


mommapolitico said...

No, you're not crazy, Miss Sheena, Goddess of Fury. It is constantly a source of amazement to me (no surprise, anymore, just amazement) the amount of cover-up Grumpy McSame will attempt. I mean, Caribou Barbie is found to have violated the ethics code, and she comes out with the line that is something to the effect of "I am so pleased that I have been cleared of any wrongdoing." Uh, what??? O.K., this chick has some serious auditory processing disorder action goin' on...
Ah, for transparency, for some semblance of honesty, some pretense of truth or even the stretching thereof. Just no more blatant, out and out lies!
Is it election day yet???

mommapolitico said...
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mommapolitico said...

Sorry- got a little trigger happy and posted double there...had to delete!