Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Are You Joking?

Pinch me.

Barack Hussein Obama actually won the election for the president of the United States?

I feel wordless, but I also feel compelled to describe what's going on in my head, you know, for posterity. I'm not sure what it feels like to think of the executive branch of my country with hope and warmth. I haven't even really thought of it as MY country for the past decade (roughly around the time of Monica Lewinsky - I was entirely too care free during the Reagan years). I've grown accustomed to associating the presidency with the face of a snarling Cheney. I'm a jinx, though! My guys never win! The opinions I have are so different from most of the rest of my fellow citizens. Or are they?

I don't have to keep those "Move to Costa Rica" junk e-mails any more! In the space of a few hours, I feel like an entirely different American. I have faith now that this wacky experiment of a democratic meritocracy CAN carry on for a while longer. I know the whole world (except maybe Al Qaeda) is ecstatic - hell, they're even happier than we are! I don't have to be embarrassed to identify myself as American when I'm traveling any longer.

This is just...not what I expected. I thought we were headed down an irreversible road to ruin - that the corporations had won and we were all just sheeple, zombified by our HDTVs. But I'm betting Obama knows how to play with these renegade corporations; he uses them to his benefit whenever possible. I like that Obama wants to one-up these old white guys who need multiple millions of dollars to stick in their coffers while tens of thousands of sick people sleep in the street.

I know there won't be miraculous changes immediately. It's going to take a long time to fix the mess, and more messes will be created along the way. It's the only word I can think of (though it reminds me of Oprah, who I can't stand): HOPE. Corny, but meaningful!

Now I can go back to snarking on celebrities and truly enjoying reality TV. I can make another stab at trying to understand string theory and I can read biographies about Stephen Hawkings and Heidi Fleiss. I can think again! The election withdrawal will be replaced by watching Obama inspire his staff, and people in general, to clean shit up and start fresh. It's even possible now that the citizens of the U.S.A. will rise to the occasion en masse and things will be better! Again, I say: Pinch me.

The election wasn't stolen. Nobody would stoop that low (well, a few people stooped pretty low). We actually have a president on the same day as the election! Everything went according to plan - my side's plan, anyway. Is it too much to ponder that we won't have sides anymore? Bah. That's for the future.

We must all hope that Cheney doesn't bomb Iran next (after Syria last week) - he's only got a short time to fulfill his ya ya's.

Congratulations, world! Maybe it's not as bad as we thought! It could be a watershed moment, am I right?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Eve

Tomorrow marks the seventh presidential election I have voted in and it's surely the most nerve-wracking. As I firmly believe that the last two elections were outright stolen, I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring. It literally could be anything. I have always kidded that I'm a jinx - my sports teams almost always lose if I'm watching, my Oscar picks are a joke, and my candidate rarely wins. That said, I feel pretty good about my election picks, but I felt good when the Cal Bears creamed my USC Trojans last time I went to a college football game. I have recently promised my son that I'd get some jinx-exorcising powder before I go to any of his team's games.

Tonight I am both heartened and amused by some of the measures on the City of San Francisco ballot. Many have to do with rehabiliatation rather than punishment for non violent offenders. I'm all for rehab, especially on a first offense, and OGG knows our prisons are horribly overcrowded. The only thing a teenager busted on a drug charge learns in prison is how to be a better criminal. Maybe if we show them that someone actually gives a shit, these same teens will find a better life. I'm still pissed off that there is no measure in support of legalizing marijuana. Prop 215, passed way back in the 1990's, which legalizes medical marijuana, was passed with flying colors. The problem is, no one made a plan for how patients should procure their medicine.

In San Francisco, we have a measure that would decriminalize prostitution. I can see a lot of good coming from this: an end to pimps, better medical care, no revolving door of justice, no shame in seeking health care, and finally, if that's how a woman chooses to make a living, that's HER business. Eliminate the pimps!

We have a very silly measure that I'm going to vote in favor of, because it's funny and speaks volumes about this wacky city. This measure addresses the question of how to name the brand new sewage treatment plant. It has to be named anyway, so why not name it after our 43rd president, the king of spewage himself, George W. Bush? Even the very liberal media up here recommend a NO vote, but I'm voting YES. YES YES YES! I'm just snarky like that.

I'm extremely proud of my daughter, who will be spending Election Day in Pleasanton, which isn't very pleasant when it comes to gay marriage. An amendment specifically designed to define marriage as between a man and a woman? For why? Sure, a group iof judges legislated the validity of gay marriage, and judges aren't supposed to legislate, but someone needs to light the match and that they did. She will be supporting a NO vote in hopes that people like Thomas and Frank (who we would do anything for) and all of our gay brethren and sistren (?) can fall in love and get married just like I can.

For such a crazy "eve," I feel a little deflated. If Obama doesn't win, however, I will go berserk and blame the voting machines. For all we know, after all, we may not have a president tomorrow or even next week. With all these thousands of lawyers on both sides just waiting to pounce, 2000 may look like a walk in the park in comparison.

I do so hope my jinx problem is dormant tomorrow.


Thursday, October 30, 2008


I couldn't be more pleased.

Finally, FINALLY, CNN has broken the story, at 4:45 am PDT, earlyish in the Central and East Coast zones, straight from Mark O'Brian: Voting machines in over a dozen states can be easily and anonymously hacked into and changed. Votes can be swapped - snap! - into any desired winner the hacker would like. Halla-frickin' lu-jah!

Will this story have legs? It better!

For the stealing of the election to go as planned, the contest must seem to be fairly tight. That way, the public might find it feasible for either side to win, vis a vis the polls.

I hope nothing fishy happens on Election Day. That would be a nightmare.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where's the Fed in Federal?

Here's some more jaw-dropping news I heard as a "rumor" and a "conspiracy theory" a while back. America: Freedom to Fascism is a recent documentary from Aaron Russo, the director of Trading Places and The Rose (not that that gives him extra credit, but the money and connections he made didn't hurt). This doc is about the payment of federal income tax.

After exhausting the brains of leading economists, tax attorneys, IRS employees and groups that are vocal in their opposition to paying federal income taxes, the conclusion is a strange one. The argument against paying F.I.T. is that there is no law requiring it in the first place. In 1913, a 16th amendment clarification was made that taxes must be paid for profits, but not for what we earn as laborers. Our labor is our property. In fact, several dozen people have successfully won tax cases because the IRS cannot produce any law on which their side is based! The mainstream press is silent, as usual.

Readers: Google Joe Lewis and the IRS and you'll find yourself fascinated but saddened.

Did anyone know that the Federal Reserve is not "federal" at all, but is a private bank that Congress somehow manufactured to print money and to put federal money into, but the taxpayer never sees a penny of profit from? I never knew that. And I am SO justified in being a conspiracy theorist now!

The newer generations flock to credit so they can be part of the American "culture." We've now gone from freeholder to employee to serf. Now we're all up to our necks in debt, but we've got a new mini-van. In March of 2005, reporter Abid Aslam wrote that "Millions of Americans could be plunged into financial ruin (from) a bill giving credit companies relief from unpaid loans." It's three and a half years later...the entire Congress, working with the Federal Reserve and banks, has enslaved the nation because they chose to ignore inconvenient facts.

Why did the congress give the authority to print money to a private entity (the Federal Reserve)? How can they prove they have the "gold" to back it up? Why have we the people allowed them to do this? Because we are so zombified by American Idol and the right kind of shoe? While we weren't looking, the Federal Reserve has taken all our gold and traded it for, as T. Jefferson said, the "ghost of money - paper." NO media, again. Congress MUST take it back. Gah. The more I learn, the more disgusted I feel. If I've got it right, the Federal Reserve is just a cartel of private banks, headed by someone the president selects from a list of names the banks give him! Somebody tell me I'm crazy!

Now here's a subject that really gets me fired up, and most people look at me like I'm a wingnut. Actually implanting a glass tube with a microchip and antenna inside (about the size of a grain of rice) may still be some years off - though the technology is in place - but putting a tiny microchip on products (described by an "expert" as perhaps being the dot on the "i" in the fine print on a shampoo bottle) is being introduced already without public knowledge. Next, they'll stick a chip on cash, so that money is not even anonymous. Soon, they'll know every tiny detail about us and our private lives - our medical records and communications with each other are already easily spied on. This IS Orwellian.

In a scene from this same documentary, we are treated to a congressional hearing about these "injectable devices." "Oh, yes, sir," the junior salesman answers jovially. "We're ready to start putting them in any time." A family of four from Florida are featured on Good Morning America as the first U.S. family to try the chip. Mom declares that it's all in defense of "terrorism." Sure, terror that your leaders and their corporate pals are going to make you into BOTS.

In a segment on vote rigging, we see another congressional hearing on the evil "black box" voting machines produced by some of GWB's biggest supporters (I bet). A congressman (I can't see who) asks if, using their technology, a vote could be stolen. "Absolutely," the employee answers. "And no one would ever know!" Of course, those of us who have seen Hacking Democracy know all about this.

The Governmental Accountability Office themselves have been quoted as saying, "The integrity of 2006 elections cannot be ensured." And, why is that? Because a 12 year old could hack into a system that cannot be examined because "security" falls under Diebold's (and others') secrecy clause.

I hope, dear reader, that you are alarmed.

Mussolini said: "Fascism should be called Corporatism, more properly, because it's the perfect merger of power between the corporation and the public."

Henry Ford said: "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

Just a couple of quotes for you.

So what do we mere citizens do? Force Congress to use their legal authority to shut down the Federal Reserve? I agree with Russo that we the sheeple must demand that the American people's gold be audited, and make certain that it has not been stolen, right?

And computer voting is just the scariest thing ever.

My brain hurts a lot today.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nodding Off in Afghanistan

Oh, it's so scary to be alive these days. Deedle dee dee, deedle dee dum...

I love The title of the site is misleading. It's not an anti war board, really, it's a reference board to articles written about foreign places so you, too, can get a glimpse of the facts. They are usually stories that you probably wouldn't be aware of if you didn't have to search for legitimate news. It has some lefty articles, and Pat Buchanan, of all people, is a contributing editor. Don't let that scare you, though.

Anyway, one of the headliner articles I saw there today made me squeal. I referred to the subject in my last post. Ready? FINALLY, the approach to Afghanistan is being changed. Bush and Co. are pretending that it's all their idea, but Obama was the one spreading the truth around. FINALLY, they have decided to address the fact that Afghanistan provides 90% of the world's heroin. Gee, ya think? Huh. Maybe it would help matters out if you included that fact in your game plan, ya morons!? Granted, the poppy farmers will go berserk, the heroin trade will go berserk, hundreds of thousands of junkies all over the world will go berserk. But it's nice to know that someone is at least thinking about it. No heroin, no money. No money, no guns. BRILLIANT!

Can you imagine that this has been going on for years? That's where the heroin comes from, along with several other areas of the East Asian world. The U.S. is at war with the Afghanistan people (the Taliban) - or at least that's who we're blowing up - yet we allow them to go about their business making 90% of the world's heroin? Isn't there also a "war" on drugs, ya half-baked hypocrits? Does this remind anyone of any other patterns we've seen in recent history? Crack, maybe? All I know is that people are profitting somewhere.


Oh! Remember the Muslim McCain party security dude from a couple of posts ago? The one who told the nutso McCain fans to pipe down with the bigotry and was then mysteriously kidnapped by the McCain Team? CNN's house idiot Rick Sanchez has just announced that this story really developred legs amongst the jounalist crowd. Who is he? What's with the big hush-up? Well, Rick was told the Muslim McCain Security guy is going to call him! But then the McCain people stepped in and forbade it again. WHAT GIVES WITH THIS WEIRDNESS? I guess Muslims for McCain don't like the First Amendment.

Pundit XYZ tries to explain that the McCain team doesn't want any "muslim" talk right now and thus won't let him. Never does Rick the "brain" Sanchez ever ask how the McCain team can physically prevent a citizen from talking to someone else. Am I crazy? WTF, friends and readers?