Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Eve

Tomorrow marks the seventh presidential election I have voted in and it's surely the most nerve-wracking. As I firmly believe that the last two elections were outright stolen, I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring. It literally could be anything. I have always kidded that I'm a jinx - my sports teams almost always lose if I'm watching, my Oscar picks are a joke, and my candidate rarely wins. That said, I feel pretty good about my election picks, but I felt good when the Cal Bears creamed my USC Trojans last time I went to a college football game. I have recently promised my son that I'd get some jinx-exorcising powder before I go to any of his team's games.

Tonight I am both heartened and amused by some of the measures on the City of San Francisco ballot. Many have to do with rehabiliatation rather than punishment for non violent offenders. I'm all for rehab, especially on a first offense, and OGG knows our prisons are horribly overcrowded. The only thing a teenager busted on a drug charge learns in prison is how to be a better criminal. Maybe if we show them that someone actually gives a shit, these same teens will find a better life. I'm still pissed off that there is no measure in support of legalizing marijuana. Prop 215, passed way back in the 1990's, which legalizes medical marijuana, was passed with flying colors. The problem is, no one made a plan for how patients should procure their medicine.

In San Francisco, we have a measure that would decriminalize prostitution. I can see a lot of good coming from this: an end to pimps, better medical care, no revolving door of justice, no shame in seeking health care, and finally, if that's how a woman chooses to make a living, that's HER business. Eliminate the pimps!

We have a very silly measure that I'm going to vote in favor of, because it's funny and speaks volumes about this wacky city. This measure addresses the question of how to name the brand new sewage treatment plant. It has to be named anyway, so why not name it after our 43rd president, the king of spewage himself, George W. Bush? Even the very liberal media up here recommend a NO vote, but I'm voting YES. YES YES YES! I'm just snarky like that.

I'm extremely proud of my daughter, who will be spending Election Day in Pleasanton, which isn't very pleasant when it comes to gay marriage. An amendment specifically designed to define marriage as between a man and a woman? For why? Sure, a group iof judges legislated the validity of gay marriage, and judges aren't supposed to legislate, but someone needs to light the match and that they did. She will be supporting a NO vote in hopes that people like Thomas and Frank (who we would do anything for) and all of our gay brethren and sistren (?) can fall in love and get married just like I can.

For such a crazy "eve," I feel a little deflated. If Obama doesn't win, however, I will go berserk and blame the voting machines. For all we know, after all, we may not have a president tomorrow or even next week. With all these thousands of lawyers on both sides just waiting to pounce, 2000 may look like a walk in the park in comparison.

I do so hope my jinx problem is dormant tomorrow.


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mommapolitico said...

So, don't keep me in suspense...the prostitution measure, the sewage plant name? (My kids tend to think that the George W. Bush Poop Plant has a lovely ring to it, and would be extremely timely, not to mention appropos. So, do tell, SheenaWoman!
I am dismayed by Prop. 8's passage. But gains have been made. Last time, it was 1 of 5 in favor of same sex marriage in CA. Now we have hit nearly the halfway point. It may take another election cycle, but we shall overcome. Their main argument, that my marriage is somehow being protected, is such a load of crap. My friends' marriages only serve to strengthen my own, and enrich our lives. We will just have to continue to fight the stripping of civil rights from yet another subset of citizens as we have for so many before. And we will get there, once again.